CarterFX Membership

Membership to CarterFX, personal Forex Mentorship includes all of the benefits listed here for a one time fee of $650.
You won’t be upcharged to receive more information because that’s not what CarterFX is about.
You can expect #NonStopValue for a one time membership fee, and set yourself on the path to creating financial freedom with a potent and consistent skill set.

With this much value provided can you afford to miss out?

Membership includes:


  • Access to CarterFX Forex Course
  • Access to Video Breakdowns and Market Analysis
  • Access to Personal and Group mentorship schedules
  • All future updates to information on CarterFX website
  • Inclusion to the CFX Facebook members community
  • Services as outlined in the 'Inside CarterFX' section on the homepage





In-Person 5 Day Course Information:

The 5 day course covers basics that are a must have when day trading the financial markets to advanced techniques at allow you to buy and sell with confidence on a day to day basis. The secret “sauce recipes” get broken down to point of pure simplicity that anyone can utilize and employ on their charts to yield unending results.

The cost is $1600 per non-CFX student and $950 if you are already a student of CFX. If you are already a CFX student, contact an Admin for your discount code.

Your purchase of a seat at a 5 DayCourse will include 2 free meals (lunch) along with a CFX shirt in white or Black and a CFX trading Journal. Combined with the non stop education and value you’ll receive, the 5DC is simply a no brainer decision! If you are not a student of CFX currently and are signing up for the 5DC, you will receive all the admissions and benefits of the CFX online course as well.
Course details, like time and location, will be sent out by Duran, before the course.

The September 9th-13th 2019 5DC purchase link will be on this page in:


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